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Aamod, the Vedic resonance of joy, is a homage to the timeless traditions, emotions and ethos of Vedic culture. It offers a place of quiet discernment, calling on the inner recognition and the embracement of the authentic. The collection salutes those who value knowledge of provenance and embrace that which is harmonious with a holistic, fulfilling life.


The making of Aamod is deeply rooted in the romantic prose and poetry of 17th-century Rajasthan. Whether as exquisite embroidery, or carefully chosen applique motifs, an entrancing narrative of Mother Nature- and her celebration of the seasons that evoke the romance of the Nayikas, against the abundance of Bundi’s flora fauna, peacocks, birds and deer.

The collection–a melange of lehengas, saris and kaftans are offered in a patina of hues–turquoise, berry, yellow, peach, ivory– all reminiscent of the ancient Bundi frescos. The metallic kaftans in linen zari weave rely solely on the zari being the shimmering heroine of this silhouette. With no deep colors and ostentatious surface ornamentation, the collection is an homage to a world of discernment vintage and nostalgia.

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