Rajasthan with its abundance of color and exaggerated silhouettes is an endless well of inspiration. The draped precision of a pagadi, the layers of folds in a ghagra, or the swathes of a chunri- are impeccable designs that work with nature, as they give protection from the heat and cold of the desert terrain- have always inspired the designer. This collection is in essence a play of the 6 yards sari and how much it can be manipulated with volume. Sometimes free-flowing, sometimes restricted, it stirs the wearer’s imagination and her relationship to a 5000-year-old drape. The artistry lies in the twisting, knotting, and layering of the drapes, giving each garment its unique shape and silhouette. Traditionally, the drapes, knots, and folds were carefully constructed around the body in order to carry everyday things like money, coins, and herbs. In this collection, these design nuances are recreated as emblems of exaggerated utility.

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