Busa & friends

Our journey to create the handcrafted toys for little ones started closer home. I was looking for toys for Aadya the newest member of our family and my niece. There was hardly anything that I found excited me. I was looking for toys that were contemporary, engaging and unique, beautifully crafted and made with love. This quest leads us to some experimentation at the workshop on different toy shapes with fabrics. We had worked on the sari doll “Busa” earlier and these toys added to the Busa family and hence were called “Busa and Friends”.

The naughty monkey, the friendly dog and the rabbit couple, all stole Aadya’s heart instantly and inspired us to create this new collection for our stores and clients. In todays age and time where every experience is virtual and just a touch away, this collection is our little effort to inspire our little ones through story telling and toys that can meaningfully engage them.

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